What is CobraFIT?

CobraFIT is the new unique exercise craze brought to the UK from Sweden and Florida in the USA and we have secured the licence for the U.K. This is a REPS Accredited exercise which gives you credibility within the market place.

CobraFIT is the only High Intensity Interval Resistance Training work out in existence and in just 60 minutes torches fat, builds fitness and stamina along with lean muscle and burns over 1,000 calories, plus incredible after burn of calories and appeals to a wide range of participants of all ages and abilities.

This exciting prospect is more than just an exercise workout – it is a total business model focussing on Community, Nutrition, Activity and Education, with a great income potential!

You may already be working in a Fitness or Well Being background OR have a desire to do so. However, you do not need any previous experience as we offer a full training and accreditation process for both the fitness and wellness coaching, along with ongoing support & mentoring.

This would provide you with a dual income stream business with unlimited income potential, only limited by your own work ethic and teachability.

We are looking for individuals who are energised, fun loving, driven, enjoy working with people and have a great work ethic. Full or part-time hours, you can work around your current commitments.

How do I become a CobraFIT Coach?

To be able to become an independent licensed CobraFIT® Coach in the UK, you need to satisfy the accreditation criteria.

To begin this process, you are invited to attend an Orientation Event. This is an opportunity to understand the complete business model and a chance to experience CobraFIT. We will take you through a technique class and once you have mastered the moves we then take you through a full 6 set class. This is an opportunity try before making a commitment. The cost of the Orientation Event is £15.

Following that you will invited to attend an Accreditation Day Part 1. On this day, you will be trained in all aspects of this business model with plenty of opportunity to use the CobraFIT bags. A written and practical assessment will finish the day off. You will be sent off with a chance to practice what you have learnt and putting your own classes together.

You will then be invited to attend Accreditation Day Part 2 where you will be asked to host your own one-set class and will be assessed on your technique and ability to adapt the exercises for more abled individuals and those with limitations.

Once you have satisfied all other accreditation requirements, you will be granted the title of Accredited CobraFIT® Coach and be eligible to apply for a licence to practice.

The total cost of the 2 Accreditation Days is £160.00 payable in advance of attending Part 1. So, if you are keen, make a wise business decision and book in for one of our Orientation events.

CobraFIT For Coaches Video

Introduced by Carole Hill

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